Experiments for staying at home: How can my smartphone help me?

Exciting ideas and creative experiments in the fields of science, future mobility, digitalization and the children’s overall experience from day to day life: That is the “Geniux Box”. In this hands-on experiment, students in grades 5 and 6 learn how to use the smartphone as a useful tool by simply performing series of measurements and experiments on everyday problems.

Children already know and use the smartphone in their everyday life. In this unit, however, they get to know it from a new side: as a digital helper. Whether spirit level, ruler or distance meter – thanks to various apps, the smartphone offers more than just entertainment.

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Even more ideas in our ‘Genius Box’

The progressive spread of the coronavirus has consequences for the entire public and private life. Schools are closed and people are urged to stay at home if possible. So it is necessary to improvise and switch to digital content for teaching and school – you will find this in our Genius Box.

The Genius Box contains exciting and stimulating idea cards for grades 1-6. Use our Genius Box as supplementary home learning teaching material or to enrich existing teaching units.

Let us inspire you: Participatory experiments and other creative tasks from the subject areas of natural phenomena, future mobility, digitalisation and children’s living space are waiting to be discovered and tried out in a playful way. The Genius Box also contains clever method games – everything clearly arranged, concise and compactly prepared for you.

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(Since Genius is a German initiative, the Genius Box unfortunately contains only a small amount of selected content in English.)

About Genius

Genius is Daimler’s educational initiative for MINT topics. Under the motto “More curiosity – more future”, Genius encourages children and young people to develop an enthusiasm for science and technology. For teachers of all types of school Genius provides teaching materials and training courses and thus access to the latest practical knowledge in automotive technology. 

Learn more about the Genius initiative, browse through the newest articles concerning all kinds of mobility topics or explore the world of Daimler together with kids reporters Alex and Milena.


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